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Green Field

Old Fashioned Service. Modern Materials & Techniques.

  20+ Years Experience!
Andrews  Crane Dawson Gaines Glasscock Howard Martin  Reagan  Sterling Upton  Ward  &  Winkler                      Counties

Services Offered

Residential & Commercial

Pest Services:

Termites, Bed Bugs, Spiders (Brown Recluse & Black Widow), German Roaches, Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, Flies, Ticks, Fleas, Wasps, Moths, Crickets, Beetles, Rodents, Gophers, Systemic Tree & Shrub Treatments, and Landscape & Turf Pests 

Weed Services:

Broadleaf & Grassy Weeds   Bare Ground

Comprehensive Fertilization & Weed Control Packages


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